30 January 2020


Dream of a different and unique cosmetics brands

Too much choice, too many ingredients, too complicated. It was time to get back to basics! For its clients, the lifestyle Korean group BABA FASHION dreamed of a different and unique cosmetics brands, far from conventional fashion and focused on the main essentials: The Beautiful Factr.

The brand offers simple and intuitive products, aimed at women between 25-35 years of age that follows the rhythm and cycle of your skin and easy to use every day.

Centdegrés took on the project to create The Beautiful Factr., a line of “Life-Derma cosmetics” made from probiotics that combines the functional and emotional. Brand platform, visual identity and package design: the centdegrés teams created a tailor-made brand universe marked by purity and refinement, for contemporary products that function to awaken the best of our emotions connected to our beauty routines: joy, surprise, relaxation, freshness and comfort.

A minimalistic and essential logo was created in dark grey on ivory. Photographs and images resemble windows that you want to open wide, the lines are subtle and the colors bright and soft to reflect the brand’s spirit and accompany women in their daily ritual and get to know their skin even better.