1 February 2020


A new packaging to boost e-commerce sales in China

HAOJI, Neslté group, is a culinary brand representing Sichuan region specialities, especially well-known in southwest China (Sichuan, Chongqing,  Yunnan, Guizhou) where chilies & pepper are heavily used to flavor dishes.

Mainly developed on B2B channel, the brand decided to strengthen its B2C online sales with this new launch.

Sichuan is associated with its salty, sweet, numbing, spicy & acid flavored cuisine. Its authentic diversity in seasonings shapes its unique DNA, full of variety & excitement!

The design puts forward each ingredients in a golden round with brush stoke finish, a reminiscence of Chinese calligraphy. The circle gesture is typical when mixing hotpot ingredients as well as in Chinese calligraphy art.

The round shape also symbolizes conviviality, sharing and unity, which are the values of hotpot.