21 October 2020


centdegrés redefined the normes of mass market products

When a haircare brand of the emblematic Japanese group KAO was looking for the French expertise on beauty, to create a high-end range of shampoos, it made sense for them to get in touch with Centdegrés.


The idea was to create a range of shampoos that resembled high-end haircare products, the kind that salons use, but to remain accessible to all. The range was to be sold to the mass market but had to look expensive if you will.


The challenges here were: how do you create a product that looks both expensive and accessible, how do you make something look high-end but not elitist?

Together the brand and the creative activists created a range with unique shapes, colors and designs; with this look of higher quality to be sold on the mass market the range was a huge success!

This timeless range is still going on strong.