19 October 2020


Because your make-up is part of your identity

MExME offers a unique, fun and universal way for you to express yourself through your daily make-up. This light, playful and customizable makeup totem will allow men and women to express themselves through something as routinely as their makeup.


MEXME is a #beautybyyourself experience, all you have to do is combine your favorite cheek and lip makeup item, enjoy multiple combination and unleash your creativity in your customized totem!

MExME reads (ME by ME) to personify the customizable aspect of the product. Indeed, you can pick within 3 different cheek products and 3 different lip products to compose your perfect duo. The aim here is to bring the principle of make-up back to life, to bring back the original purpose of make-up to be personal and all of that whilst responding to the simple idea of “I designed this product, it truly is mine”.

Centdegrés worked on the storytelling behind the product, its visual identity, its design, the concept behind it all and even the retail design for Cosmoprof Asia 2019.

It is not only playful and light but also compares to the greatest highend makeup products. It makes good, quality products accessible to all.

On top of that it is so easy to log around all day, to travel with and do your touch ups whenever, wherever.