1 March 2019

Crème Simon

A new life for an old story

This is one of those extraordinary stories that we love at centdegrés. A story that takes root over a century and a half ago in Paris. Joseph Simon, a self-proclaimed pharmacist and passionate about flowers, struggled in his laboratory to find the precious formula that would allow Parisian women to preserve their beauty creams. He finally finds his formula in 1860! The Crème Simon becomes an essential must-have of modern cosmetics and finds success throughout France but also in the US, China and Japan until World War 2 brings everything to a halt.

The story could have ended there if it were not for an entrepreneur from Singapore who, 70 years later, decided to reawaken this beauty formula with the precious help of centdegrés. The objective: give back the formidable character and history of the old brand to its products that now incorporate a more holistic approach with healing tea’s and remedies. centdegrés worked on brand identity, marketing strategy, product referencing and also a boutique-apartment filled with marvelous archives from the beginning of the century to the architecture and salesperson uniforms… The new story of Monsieur Simon is the alliance of Singapore’s vitality and French excellence – the formulas are created and produced in France for an imminent deployment throughout Asia.

Photos credits: Crème Simon