2 March 2019


Make an impression !

Impression, the latest masculine Eau de Parfum launched by Eudora speaks to a sophisticated man who has been able to create and seize opportunities. An entrepreneurial man who succeeds in his endeavors, surrounded by people who support each one of his decisions, and each challenge he takes on. This desire to conquer more, to look to the future and to fight to succeed is what characterizes this talented man, who regards his family and friends as an essential foundation of his life.

This woody and amber fragrance emits notes that provoke an explosion of scents from the very first spray. The middle notes bring sophistication and virility while the base note, created by cistus labdanum, musk and patchouli strengthen the unique identity of the scent.

centdegrés was chosen to represent this multi-facetted man in the bottle design. The bottle inspired by an hourglass symbolizes time, this precious commodity to the man who takes advantage of every second throughout his life. The seconds are represented by indentations at the base of the bottle. Human relationships, another essential pillar, is symbolized by the metallic ring that surrounds the bottle cap. Finally, the digital print on top of the cap brings to mind the trace that this man leaves behind him wherever he goes. Each detail was designed to give this fragrance a strong and unique identity.



Crème Simon