31 January 2020


From an imposing gallery to a library of emotions

centdegrés Paris has designed a new retail concept for the niche perfume brand, Serge Lutens.

From an imposging gallery to a library of emotions

For the first Serge Lutens store in K11 and second store in IFC mall in Hong Kong, centdegrés designed a unique and mysterious place that arouses one’s curiosity…
In the same way as in Mr. Lutens private library mixing experiences and discoveries, the client is immersed in the heart of the collection based on emotions and scents through a detailed organization and a certain neatness to the surrounding abundance.
Thanks to a pronounced perspective, the world of Serge Lutens attracts the client from the outside, awakens his or her curiosity and invites him to penetrate into this overwhelming atmosphere with progressively intensive light. intensive light.

The road of discovery is expressed by playing with symmetry and transporting the client in a mystical universe with infinite depth.

Just like an initiation ritual, Mr. Lutens offers visitors a path of discovery punctuated by rhythm: from uncovering his most accessible fragrances to his most prestigious limited edition creations.

The initiation ends in an exclusive atmosphere, offering the client a privileged moment within the home of its creator, Serge Lutens.

The Gate of Initiation, serge Lutens

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