27 January 2020


Engaged with a new brand

A kissing potion. Whipped cream washing agent. A cream of love or heroes… tender and soft skincare products with the delicate scents of childhood, offered in charming and colorful containers with fun and witty labels. On first sight, Ouate is adorable, touching and funny: perfectly well designed to give children the desire to wash, hydrate and take care of their fragile skin. Upon closer inspection, everything has been carefully thought out: an ergonomic dispenser pump adapted and easy to use for even the youngest of users, a charming color code and drawings to easily identify which product does what, and cosmetics focused specifically on young skin for children between 4 and 11, divided between age range and when necessary, indicated for boys or girls. Ouate is the first brand made in France geared for children too old for baby products, and too young for teenage products.

The idea comes from Astrid Maudit, mother of four and very knowledgeable on the subject of child skincare. When she wanted to develop the idea, she naturally turned towards centdegrés, with whom she has often collaborated when she worked at Pochet. Together, we took on the challenge by defining all the components of the brand.

All of the agency’s talents were put to use to create Ouate, which discretely launched on the beaches of le Touquet in January 2019.

Now all we need to do is let this new product grow and develop with creativity and agility. This year’s program include a first pop-up stand in Beaugrenelle this spring, cabin-stand shelves in pharmacies and specialized boutiques, lots of sunscreen products to take on the summer months and a perfume for the back-to-school season.

You know Ouate? We are happy!