24 January 2020

Marvel for Sephora China

Sephora China collaboration to create a Marvel limited edition

To celebrate Marvel studio’s 10th anniversary, Sephora China appointed centdegrés to create a memorable limited edition, combining both Sephora and Marvel identity, that would be appealing to Chinese Millennials. The project was a real challenge: how to mix in an imaginative and subtle way Marvel’s rather masculine universe with the beauty and feminine universe of Sephora?

The concept

Unleash your Super Beauty with empowering Super Sephora! Renew yourself everyday with Sephora Marvel Limited Edition for unlimited power and become your own super hero. Possibilities are endless with Sephora Make Up. Time to save the world with your Super Beauty! Make up is a second skin, your best ally, your strongest weapon!

Graphic and product design

To express both Marvel spirit (adventure, powerful, attitude) and Sephora identity (feminine, beauty), the packaging design combines Marvel heroes symbolic colors with glitters and makeup textures. Moreover, the background in metallic grey conveys a futuristic and high-tech feeling. In total, 11 products were created for this limited edition.