6 March 2019

Vely Vely

Taking root

This is the very modern story of a young gifted Korean from an online retail background and his virtual meeting with lmvely, a pretty blogger. Together, they created a cosmetics brand for which she is the face. Vely Vely was found in 2015, named after the pseudonym of the online influencer. In only a few months, the brand became a lively favorite among young Korean women.

Slightly overwhelmed by the explosion of their success, the lovers came to centdegrés for help in creating a strong identity, structuring their line and making sure that this wonderful adventure takes root to better flourish. Alongside the couple, centdegrés defined the values of the brand, designed the style platform and created a unique visual identity: a monogram where the two V’s of Vely Vely respond and shadow each other with a small houppette over the V to add a feminine touch. The original pink shade was made more satin with light touches of gold for a more elegant feel and black and white to showcase the colors…

It is the story of two rigorous and audacious lovers that are afraid of nothing, disregarding the standard codes by creating their own rules with passion and liberty. It is a story that lmvely tells online, day after day, with over 650,000 followers that have also followed the co-creation workshops in the Parisian headquarters of centdegrés. A creative story that we love to be a part of.

Olive Young

Olive Young

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Olive Young