TO SUMMER – Your Eastern Scent

To Summer focuses on Eastern Scents. To Summer has a deeper understanding of Chinese scents than Western fragrance companies. We are committed to restoring Eastern botanical scents of osmanthus, gardenia, jasmine, orchid, honeysuckle, citrus, bamboo, etc. Familiar scents for Chinese families are citrus and dried tangerine. These scents bring to mind memories of reunions and sharing mandarins during the Chinese New Year.

Eastern New Modern 

Modernism is a utopian conception and idealized style that transcends national and cultural background. It abandoned redundant decorations, which allows viewers to get information quickly and clearly. It include modernism, minimalism and functionalism. On the basis of modern, the infusion of personality forms the new modernism.

Octagon has deeply rooted in ancient Chinese history and culture. Octagonal Windows are often seen in ancient Chinese gardens.

Viewing from the octagonal window also implied the meaning of “watching(观)”.

Octagon is also related to the eight trigrams of Tai Chi. The eight diagrams are the composition of natural elements and meteorology, echoing with the concept of “nature”.

A polyhedron which tends to be a sphere is used to form a polyhedron structure. Presenting a perfect visual of octagon. It embodies the cultural connotation of inclusiveness, harmony between yin and Yang, and vividness.

The multi-faceted structure changes with the viewing angle and the refraction of light, reflecting countless possibilities between the square and the circle. It is a symbol of women’s pursuit of self and the display of internal unique flavor.

Inspired by the traditional culture, the octagon is used as the creative inspiration to skillfully continue the visual symbol and brand charm of tosummer.

To summer, Oriental scent, nature round square.