4 February 2019


A unique and experimental concept store in the heart of seoul

Skinfood is an originally positioned and renowned Korean brand: products made from food.

The brand wanted to transform its first concept of a provincial grocery store to allow clients to better interact with the products.
centdegrés began creating a concept store reminiscent of a kitchen atelier workshop.

The agency developed a completely multisensory space while keeping to the Korean brand’s lifestyle codes: colorful, fun and natural both in terms of architecture and in the use of digital devices.

Thanks to these tactile screens and animated films created and produced by the agency, clients can discover the line of products easily.
From the facade of the building to the rooftop and throughout the space’s three floors, the atmosphere is warm and inviting. The monumental stairway serves as a central guide to the space that resembles a home, displaying everyday objects alongside the brand’s products.
Greenery and plants are found in every corner of the boutique, particularly in the winter garden and on the rooftop. The latter brings to mind urban vegetable gardens and clients can rent a parcel of land to garden and grow what they wish.
This 510 square-meter space displays the agency’s many transversal skills and areas of expertise
centdegrés is an independent international agency specialized in brand creation, consulting and brand strategy.

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Au vase de Delft

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