21 February 2019


Into a new life

Elegant displays and delicate packaging for delicious biscuits. Glass bells suspended in the air, filled with gorgeous pastries. Tables discreetly lined in gold, reminiscent of traditional Parisian brasseries and a monumental staircase to allow visitors to settle in comfortable armchairs on the second floor, just like one would in a living room surrounded by books. Senoble has turned a new leaf, landing in an old Parisian fashion boutique transformed by centdegrés into a refined and welcoming tea salon. Born an artisanal cheese producer, then going on to become a large industrial dairy group, Senoble decided it was time to regain some intimacy.

They chose centdegrés to help accompany them in this new adventure. The result was the (re) birth of “Senoble famille gourmande”, a new high-end and chic brand, entirely revisited by the agency.

centdegrés went back to the Senoble’s origins, recovering the historic blue shade of the brand and adding a touch of gold and an elegant graphic twist. The agency went through the brand’s extensive archives to bring to light its true family history and stamp it on Jouy-print fabrics and ceramic plates. This has transformed the central Parisian boutique into a modern brand anchored in tradition.

The centdegrés teams have accompanied Senoble into its present-day family history, rich and sweet like it’s pastries, by finding the strength and character of its own roots.

Brand platform, naming, visual identity, packaging, retail design (250m2 over 3 floors). 11 rue des petits champs, 75001 Paris, France.