16 January 2020

Powderful for Cosmoprof Bologna

The creative power of powder !

A beautiful powder compact, perfectly spherical, attached like a mirror to a handle in which a large high-quality cosmetics brush is hidden to perfectly apply on your cheeks. Black, gold and silver: there is something to please every taste. An elegant click accompanies the opening of the cover to reveal 3 exclusive, new generation powders assembled in a 3D checkerboard style. Both an eyeshadow and highlighter, Powderful is much more than a powder compact: it is a creative, technical and cosmetic feat that had everyone talking at the last Cosmoprof in Bologna.

Thanks to their successful and regular collaboration, Cosmoprof entrusted centdegrés with the task of creating and animating the “factory”: a 100 square meter space to stage and highlight the creation of a new beauty product, from the first sketches to the final shelf product. An exciting challenge that centdegrés chose to transform into a co-creative project surrounded by top partners in all the spheres of the creative process. This fabulous team combined their skills to create Powderful – case by HCP, assembly piece by Arsmetallo, powders by Ancorotti, powder texture by Nastritex, packaging by Vetraco and brush by Pennelli Faro – a state-of-the-art cosmetics product, notably thanks to the advanced technology of back injection that allows for every desire in the visual definition of the powder. In the large central space dedicated to this product, visitors and bloggers scrambled with enthusiasm and curiosity to discover this creation, highlighted by beautiful videos signed by centdegrés Productions.

For centdegrés, the event was once again the opportunity to prove to its clients and the market that audacious creativity, combined with collective intelligence is a valuable source of new and pertinent solutions.

In addition, it also portrays at what point large-scale experimentation and the confrontation of ideas in the market allow for the acceleration of developmental processes, limits risks and results in rapidly inventing the future of brands.

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