1 May 2020


Nestlé's new snack brand for the Chinese market

Nestlé group has just launched in China a new brand specialized in healthy snacks for children, called “Little Fox MengMeng Chef”. centdegrés was asked to create the visual identity concept and guidelines, as well as mascots and packaging design.

Nestlé group wants to help mothers provide safe, healthy and playful snacks to their children. A healthy childhood is not only about eating healthy but also about having fun.

The challenge was thus to create a storytelling and packaging that would be attractive to both kids and moms, while respecting Nestlé’s mission.

The brand is embodied by cute mascots, composed of little fox Mengmeng and his friends.

Little fox Mengmeng is a magical chef with super powers. He cooks healthy and delicious snacks for children, and gives them happiness and energy during the day.

Playful and entertaining, he is the kids best friend and accompanies them throughout their childhood, while taking care of them.

Key words: Healthy, On-the-go / Convenient, Fun, Delicious.