12 February 2019


Collection of skincare mask products

MG black mask is a collection of skincare mask products which revamping was framed in a strategic brand repositioning to win back Chinese customers attention.

The new graphic chart is based on the three brand core pillars that needed to be reminded to the local customers as a powerful message: craftsmanship & know-how, Chinese pride & heritage, modernity & expertise. The idea of craftsmanship is symbolized by the circular shaped brush mark and supported with handcrafted elements such as the plate or the spoon recalling a human touch. The ultra-realistic pictures evoke the quality of the ingredients that is reinforced by the hand-written stamp on the top left of the packaging.

The Chinese calligraphic style used for the text echoes with the hash tag keyword #COMMITEDMASKCARE placed underneath, which intensifies the modern dimension by contrast. Finally the MG logo was freshened up with a metallic grey texture that connects with the renowned expertise of MG parent company and answers the needs of an alliance between traditional & New contemporary in today Chinese skincare industry.