5 March 2019

Maison Albar

A home with the french touch

Since 1923 and after four generations of hoteliers, the Albar family hosts its clients in “the French way” following the traditions of grand quality homes. Using this lifestyle and expertise, Paris-Inn Group associated with Plateno Group, the leading hotelier in China to imagine a 5-star boutique-hotel concept for Maison Albar.

For the opening of the Paris Céline brand’s first establishment in the heart of the capital, centdegrés redefined the brand’s identity and its graphic deployment. The elegant art deco logo has a very French spirit, redesigned with the same refinement used in the golden age of Parisian palace hotels. It is a timeless signature both simple and sophisticated.

It will accompany the Maison Albar Hotel throughout the world, in each of the brand’s 100 “cult-art fusion” establishments that the Paris Inn group plans on opening for 2030.

Vely Vely

Vely Vely

Holika Holika

Vely Vely