5 November 2020


Le Jardin Retrouvé is a perfume brand created in the 70’s by Yuriy Gutsatz, making him the first ever perfumer to create his own perfume house.

In 2020 his son Michel Gutsatz and his wife Clara, requested the help of the creative activists of the agency centdegrés to help reinvent their brand platform, its visual environment, its typical logo and its bottling.

Le Jardin Retrouvé is a familly story. A romantic story with a spirit of serenity and tells us about an olfactive escapade; soft and delicate. The challenge for centdegrés was to preserve this spirit, the soul of the brand, all the while giving it a modern kick in order to reach a broader target and please a wider clientele.

However the idea was also to create an image so strong and recognizable to make a statement, to eventually have a logo recognized by everyone.

Here’s the story behind the new brand identity in the words of the direction team of Le Jardin Retrouvé:

“Our new symbol is a miniature portrait of our brand. First of all, the shape isn’t that of a door but of a gate: the gate that we so gladly open to you all so that you can tag along on this trip with us. Your concentric steps then lead you to our initials, LJR as in ‘Le Jardin Retrouvé’, at the hea