25 October 2021


HOZHO is the new candle brand that helps you harmonize your homes with your lives.

Discover a range of three different flames with different virtues: protecting, purifying, and harmonizing. Created from natural ingredients these flames share the same purpose: to help and improve your daily life.

Centdegres has worked closely with Anne Querard the founder of HOZHO to put together the best brand platform for HOZHO, harnessing all its energies and wishes for its customers.

Alongside defining the platform, centdegres worked on the visual identity for the brand imagining a logo strong, harmonizing, calming and conveyor of a message.

The agency also designed the packagings in which come the candles.

Discover more about HOZHO here.

Centdegrés is a brand intelligence and creative agency.

Our leitmotiv at Centdegrés is this: strategy and creativity can’t be divided.

Our brand intelligence department is a team of passionate people that work with you and for you to build or boost your brands.  By developing the most inspiring and compelling strategic models, we help you win you battles and make sure that what we create together is always worth talking about.

Inspired by the Navajo culture, Hozho offers unique, inspiring and energetics moments.

Centdegres helped Anne Querard create Hozho by building a brand platform translating everything she had imagined for her home care brand.

A brand of many dimensions: spiritual, emotional, natural, and vibratory. Our brand intelligence experts transposed the mystical and singular character of the brand into a platform diffusing that particular emotion of harmonious wellbeing.

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