4 March 2019

Holika Holika

re-enchant the Korean brand

A witch, a black cat, a flying broomstick, stars, stardust and a strange name: when Holika Holika was created, the concept charmed young Korean girls. Transforming oneself into a princess thanks to magical elixirs and potions, what could be more fabulous?

In 2010, the successful brand – with 130 stores in Korea, and online retail throughout Asia and North America – desired a second life. After several attempts with various other agencies, it finally chose centdegrés to work on its newfound ideas and put into motion the brand’s metamorphosis. It was out of the question to do away with the charm of Holika Holika, and so much of its appeal lay in its very name. For centdegrés, the challenge was to transform the brand by giving it a deeper and more mature spirit. By highlighting the high quality of the brand’s products from cosmetics to skincare, centdegrés delicately paved the way for a brand with much more discreet and intimate magic. Beauty is no longer a simple wave of the wand away, but reveals itself by helping each individual find its own charm: thanks to “magic inside”.

centdegrés redesigned and created the brand’s detailed mood boards, revisited its logo and symbols, modified the palette shades while keeping to the original colors, recreated its visual identity and the packaging of its two most technical skincare products. Little by little, Holika Holika regained its soul and is not ashamed of who it is: an audacious and magical brand that centdegrés accompanies with generosity and enthusiasm towards new wonders.

Maison Albar

Maison Albar


Maison Albar