30 January 2019


Entirely revisited

The Chinese group Jahwa tasked centdegrés with the total transformation of its brand.


The Herborist project is first and foremost a meeting between the leading brand of contemporary Chinese cosmetics based on traditional pharmaceuticals and Parisians of centdegrés, passionate about Asia. The brand desired a radical transformation of its product and vision from that of historic, traditional and rustic to a much more contemporary and revived vision, that would entice both modern Chinese clients and curious and demanding international customers.


In close partnership with the brand, centdegrés revived and revisited its style and visual identity as well as redesigned both products and packaging. New points of sale concepts were created by the agency, as well as the architecture of the spa’s.
Herborist, radically transformed, is now a commercial success. The brand has expanded internationally and in China, the number of its points of sale has tripled. The brand has become a symbol of the renewal of Chinese brands that take pride in their origins.