Centdegres Productions becomes Grymm, Visual Storytellers.

Centdegres gave a spruce to their affiliate company. It was time to redesign the visual identity and rethink the brand intelligence of Centdegres Production.

Grymm wanted to rethink their scope, they not only do film productions but also pictures and all sorts of online content from Instagram stories to teasing videos. Thus, it was important that all of their skills were understood at first read of their name hence: Grymm, Visual Storytellers. Every type of content they produce is englobed by “visual”, and “storytellers” shows their will to create a powerful storyline for brands, a story that is timeless and iconic.


We all know the infamous German fairytale storytellers: the Grimm Brothers, it is inspired by their work that Grymm decided on their new name and look, hence the simple look of the logo and the color choices.

To match work and personality, Centdegres created a strong, creative and impacting logo. For Grymm, it was important that both their name and their claim be at the same level this is why Grymm and Visual Storytellers have the same typo and size. This is also why there is a sense of cohesion between both lines; with for example the “y” of Grymm being the point on the “i” of Visual as well. The logo is clear, creative and full of meaning just like their work.



Jin Liu Fu