24 September 2020


centdegrés reinvents its own creation

It is an icon at Givenchy’s: Very Irresistible, an audacious perfume created in 2003 for impertinent women, for which centdegrés had imagined a fluid and slender bottle, away from the codes of that time and still relevant today. 17 years later, Givenchy has asked the agency to reinvent Irresistible!

Relying on these strong historical ties, the teams at centdegrés have taken the liberty to redesign everything from scratch, basing themselves on Givenchy’s strongest and most precious attributes : its legacy and its audacity. A bottle that is both massive and refined, very pure, very simple, at the back of which we can find the oversized embossed iconic prism of the makeup line. No need to overdo it ; this silent signature, nearly universal, is recognizable by all.

« It was uplifting and delightful to work on the rebirth of Irresistible with the teams of Givenchy», say enthusiastically Philippine and Audrey, both designers and « creative activists » at the agency.

The color of the glass and the delicate pink of the perfume turn this kaleidoscope-bottle, discreetly ornated with a tone on tone metallic cap and an elegant, very couture fabric ribbon, into an elegant version of today’s femininity, which is at once spontaneous, strong and assertive.