9 March 2022


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Centdegrés is a brand intelligence and creative agency.

Our leitmotiv at Centdegrés is this: strategy and creativity can’t be divided.

Our brand intelligence department is a team of passionate people that work with you and for you to build or boost your brands. By developing the most inspiring and compelling strategic models, we help you win you battles and make sure that what we create together is always worth talking about.

Exso, is an innovative social rights law firm that combines two approaches: juridical and economic. The combination of “capital” and “human” is their condition to performance.

Centdegres’goal was to create and install a brand image for the firm that coincided with their mission in order to become an unavoidable actor for enterprises, employers’ organizations and beyond in matters of social dialogues.

Our brand intelligence experts helped Exso by building a brand platform translating strong values and ambitions along with a vision on social rights being at the service of the enterprise and its workers.

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