20 October 2020


Centdegrés celebrated its 30th anniversary in a special way

Thanks to a beautiful collaboration with Emmaüs Solidarité, Centdegrés invented and created a supportive emergency sheltering solution for people without a home, a device that would be more human, worthy and nicer; easy to build up and down. This solution is Emmaus Le Toi, check out this link for a full video on what we did and how.

Thanks to our creative activists we were able to come up with a special device, a little house easy to put together and allowing people to not only have some privacy but also to respect social distancing whilst remaining warm and dry.

Their modular trait allows not only to build houses but also many communal places to create a small village for people to feel a sense of community.

Bruno Morel, Managing Partner of Emmaus Solidarité stated:

We had to humanize these inadequate places and allow people who are temporarily sheltered in emergency, to finally have a roof and to live in dignified conditions.

Centdegrés and Emmaus Solidarité are very happy of this partnership and are excited to keep working on helping people live in more dignified manners.