25 November 2021

Cosmetic Co Creation – Makeup In

CosmeticCoCreation is the collaboration of 5 entities: centdegres, Firstgen, Co-lab-ora, Makeup In and Gisèle Agency. This collaboration was elaborated around the creation of cosmetic collections for three influencers: @laralourencoff, @inesnlx and @angelliemrc.

The three influencers were in competition and, in under a month a first attempt at their project saw the light.

Indeed, thanks to a close-knit collaboration between the laboratory Co-lab-ora and the creative agency centdegres along with the three women’s hard work; a first draft of their collection came through.

Lara created a tinted moisturizer aiming to illuminate your skin and help you embrace your natural beauty. The moisturizer is composed from 95% of natural ingredients.

She wanted to create a quality, genderless and practical product.

The design of this cream is simple according to Lara’s demand. An aluminum tube, perfect at first, then little by little gets dented to be less perfect and show once again that even with imperfections we are all perfect.

The brand is called Gente Lab. “Gente” means “all”, “we” in Portuguese, echoing the young woman’s origins. “Lab” is added to remind us of the efficiency of the product.

Ines created a long-lasting eyeliner, uber pigmented, easy to apply and made from 94% of natural ingredients.

Ines’ brand is called Ghazal’eyes. “Ghazala” means deer in Arabic. Eyeliner is famous for giving your eyes a deer like look; Ines added that when she wears eyeliner people say she looks like an Egyptian, so she wanted to combine both wild spirit and arabisian spirit for her product.

Angélie created a skincare for imperfections and not against them. Practical, fun and code breaking, this skincare is made from 98% of natural ingredients.

Naturally easy going, fun and daring, Angélie wanted to break down the taboos around acne.  Thus, the design of her product is light, small, and fun to use.

The winner of CosmeticCoCreation’s first edition is Angélie and her Venus Akne skincare!

*disclaimer these products are not for sale
*these are all work cases that were realized for Makeup In Paris – not for the market…. yet 😉