13 January 2020

Chacun ses goûts

Give frozen yogurt a new look

They were the first Frenchmen to have this idea: artisanal frozen yogurt, sold by weight and in self-service displays! Visitors choose whatever quantity they want, in whatever flavors they desire accompanied by fruit and other sweets as topping.

After three years of existence, proving that the concept was a good one and that consumers had a taste for this product, the Chacun ses goûts team entrusted centdegrés with the task of completely redesigning the brand, from the logo to the boutique concept, with particular attention to rethinking the visitor circulation in the self-service zone. Mission accomplished! The logo has been given a modern edge while staying true to its 1950’s charm, fun and appetizing images help consumers compose their dream pot and floor markers remind visitors of each creative phase in-store. The center of the boutique is home to a magnificent counter, perfectly refrigerated that we will also be able to transform into ephemeral kiosks, giving visitors the urge to please themselves with a variety of frozen yogurt.

This summer, visitors to the Cap 3000 department store in Nice will have a hard time resisting the brand’s new and delicious-looking boutique, newly redesigned by centdegrés. Visitors will even be able to leave fun selfies and secret creation recipes on one of the boutique walls. A real-life sweet recipe competition so visitors can try to outdo each other in creativity!