10 January 2022

Happy New Year

Let's find inspiration in the world that surrounds us

The whole international squad at centdegres wish you all a very happy new year.

Our greetings take the shape of the tiger; symbol of this year’s lunar sign.

We take our inspiration from all over the world and wanted to share this with you. Inspiration is flies and floods in different shape and form. You can see in our graphist designer’s creation elements from the Arabic, Chinese and European worlds. It shows one of our strength: internationality.

We wish you all to find inspiration again in everything that you come across.

Let’s escape together, once again. ✨


The message was really to show people that, yes it has been a hard couple of years, yes we all suffered and yes we all maybe have lost our ways too, but we are still going and maybe, just maybe, this is the challenge we needed to reinvent ourselves and our inspirations. - Elie Papiernik