28 June 2022

Cosmoprof Bologne SIX4ALL


This year, centdegrés was back at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2022 ! centdegrés created and designed this edition’s Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna Factory featured product in collaboration with key international suppliers : Six4All, a foundation that can adapt to any skin type.

This exclusive experience not only aims to celebrate diversity by unveiling your natural beauty with a foundation for all but also allows you to express your creativity and discover the backstage of the industry.

To house this innovative projet, centdegrés designed a unique space that was one of the star attractions of Cosmoprof 2022.

The Six4All booth was designed to give the opportunity to visitors to discover the whole manufacturing process just as if they were in a real factory thanks to a demonstration of all the production phases of the foundation, from making to packing.

« The eighth edition of CosmoFactory is a unique opportunity to experience the backstage of the beauty industry as it brings the manufacturing of a luxury cosmetic product on the show floor. » – Cosmoprof

The Six4All project is the result of a great collaboration between key actors of the beauty world.

As a Cosmo Factory strategic partner, centdegrés teamed up with Pink Frogs Cosmetics (formula), Marchesini Group (machinery), Scandolara and Seriplast A**.T.** Packaging (primary packaging), Gatto Astucci Spa (secondary packaging), and Pennellifaro (brush). Special thanks to Stratasys (Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing) and Cosmoproject (single dose filling).

“Standard no longer meets the standards!”

As creative activists, we – designers and thinkers – have to make sure that our creations challenge the status quo and reinvent universal codes.

For the Six4all project, it was not about having the choice but about making your own choice.

As a team we questioned the notion of standard by reinventing its restrictive definition into an infinite solution.

An inclusive approach which empowers each and all of us to find our true colors !”


Elie Papiernik